Our Approach

Kate and Sam Lighting Designers is a small independent consultancy with a diverse design background focused on the creative approach to lighting. We work closely with project design teams to deliver the most innovative solutions possible. Our aim is to bring fresh ideas to each project, both large and small, ranging from enhancing space and form to unique lighting installations, while always keeping function and maintenance in mind. This approach has been very successful in our collaborations with many highly acclaimed architects, designers and directors.


Kate Wilkins

Lighting Designer

Kate Wilkins has produced a wide range of architectural, live performance and artistic lighting designs since 1991. She is fascinated in how environments influence our moods, and has designed more experimental pieces that explore human behaviour.

Sam Neuman

Lighting Designer

Sam Neuman has dedicated his career to architectural lighting design, working with several leading practices including Imagination, NDYLight and WSP. He also stays active within the lighting design community by presenting lectures and publishing articles.