Lighting is something that surrounds us, envelops us every day.  We take much of it for granted. Spaces that enjoy good lighting design are, though, ones we enjoy returning to while perhaps not quite realising why. The reasons are to do with ambience, with perceived warmth and an all but indefinable feeling of welcome, not unlike the effects we feel by a fire or in candle-lit rooms. Lighting provides drama and focus, creating special narratives for particular places. This is an aspect of lighting we have experience in through creating set designs for performances and that we have successfully introduced into architectural projects.

We are not afraid of opting for bold and even colourful lighting solutions when appropriate and we have pioneered much of the thinking that goes into using lighting as part of a business’s brand.  We are also interested in working as part of a design team to consider ways in which material qualities, finishes and fine details of buildings can be highlighted through imaginative lighting. We believe our schemes are practical to use and maintain as well as sustainable and conducive to occupants’ physical and psychological well-being in buildings.